Affiliate Sites


Mindbloom is an online Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy program designed to be optimized in the privacy of your home.

The initial course consists of six (6) doses of ketamine taken over 1-2 months in addition to online support, psychotherapists, music and safety questionnaires all provided through an app that supports the patient on their journey to better health.

Mindbloom has become the Number #1 program in the US to provide this service to individuals coping with mental health issues.

Their mission:

"Nothing is more central to leading a happy, fulfilling life than mental health.

At Mindbloom, we’re on a mission to transform lives to transform the world. New medicines have arrived that not only treat the symptoms of mental pain, but help us address their root causes.

Medicines shown by science to be not only safe, but effective. It’s a new day for mental health and the future looks bright."

Mindbloom is the primary affiliate site that Entheomedix works with if the patient desires to experience the majority of their treatments in the privacy of their home.

Discuss this option with Dr. Delaney if finances are more of a challenge!