Ketamine Assisted Therapy

Mindbloom Ketamine Therapy

This option for ketamine therapy is offered in association with Mindbloom, the Number #1 online source for "At-Home" Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy.

Dr. Delaney performs the medical and psychiatric intake with the patient initially. In addition, the first of six medicated sessions takes place in the safety of the Entheomedix office with Dr. Delaney. The ensuing five sessions occur in the comfort of the patient's home, in conjunction with the opportunities provided by Mindbloom's online app.

This option for KAP is beneficial for those where finances are more of a concern.

Please see the "Affiliate Site" on our page for more info and inquire with Dr. Delaney to get started.

When booking, select "Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy" from the drop-down menu.


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